In June 2010, Bill A10008 was signed into law by then NY Governor David Paterson, making it illegal in New York to rent or sublease most private apartments for a term of less than 30 days, effective May 1, 2011. In December 2012, NYC Mayor Bloomberg signed into law Intro 404, which levies fines of up to $25,000 per violation on those found to be using their homes as "Illegal Hotels".

Elected officials in Albany and New York City agree that the language of the bill was too broad: while targeting large hotel-style operators, as it also put neighborhood B and B’s and the like out of business.


Safe, dedicated short-term rental apartments provide a vital service to New York City neighborhoods, especially those that are under-served or not served by hotels. Our bill creates a carve-out that will allow owners of 1- to 4-family brownstones, who live in their homes, to rent one or more units on a short-term basis.

Only market rate apartments in owner-occupied one- to four-family homes will be eligible (no rent controlled or rent stabilized apartments).

We believe that a simple regulatory structure that includes registration of your property and payment of all applicable taxes will legitimize our traditional businesses and let guests know that we are operating in a safe and legal environment. Does it sound like our bill could help you?

JOIN US TODAY. Use the links above to join, donate anonymously, or contact us for more information. As a trade association, the privacy of our membership is constitutionally protected.

Who We are

STRAHA, the Short Term Rental and Hospitality Association was formed in September 2010, by ten founding members involved in the short-term rental industry.

STRAHA is a not-for-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(6) entity, which does not pay federal, state or local income taxes so that it can maximize its resources to accomplish its purposes.   Furthermore, as a trade association, the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes STRAHA’s constitutional right to keep our membership lists private and confidential.

We retain one of the most influential advocates in Albany. We have successfully lobbied the State Senate and Assembly and have sponsored bills in play in both houses that would legalize many short-term rentals and put a simple licensing and regulatory system in place, similar to what is used San Fransisco, Chicago, and other cities around the world.

Based on recent meetings with the NY State Senate and Assembly, we have narrowed our requested exemption to include only market rate apartments in owner-occupied brownstone type homes, with a maximum of 4 units leased for 30 days or less. This addresses concerns about quality of life issues for other residents (as the owner is present) as well as the number of units in a given neighborhood. This revised language is making its way around Albany now.

We have also generated major support for our amendment in the NY City Council, as well as he Mayor's Office, both of which recognize that something must be done. Much of this has been accomplished the old fashioned way: by going door-to-door and meeting one on one with our elected representatives.

Take Action

YOUR DONATION OF $50, $100 OR $500 will allow us to continue to lobby our elected officials in Albany and at City Hall, as well as fund our Public Relations initiative this spring.
Use the link at left to make a secure credit card payment. You do not need an account.
BY CHECKS: We also accept checks made out to STRAHA,Inc and mailed to the address at the bottom of this page.
Become a voting member will enable you to help shape the future of vacation rentals by participarting in the legislative process. Membership is pro-rated on a sliding scale based on the number of units you rent. Ask a STRAHA member how it works. Contact us
FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW or e-mail us at One of our members will reach out to you by your preffered contact method to answer any questions.


Q: If I donate to or join STRAHA, won’t the exposure make me more likely to be targeted by task force enforcing the law?

A: No. United States law recognizes a right of privacy for group association. Therefore, our membership list is constitutionally protected against government inquiries or efforts to compel its disclosure. Or, if you’re still concerned, please consider an anonymous financial donation via money order mailed to our address below.

Q: Why are you limiting the exemption to owner occupied brownstone residences and traditional bed and breakfast type businesses?

A: In meeting with the NY State Senate and Assembly for over 3 years, it has been made clear to us that there is a great deal of support on both sides of the aisle for this specific type of business.

Q: Isn’t it better to simply go underground with my business? I mean, they can’t possibly go after every individual renting an apartment.

A: Think about how easily your tenants and guests are able to find you now. The government has these same tools available to them… and more. How will you advertise going forward? Additionally, legitimizing the business is in everyone’s best interest, and this is unique opportunity to clarify our product offering and ensure a profitable and viable future.

Q: Isn’t it a pipe dream to think we can have the law amended?

A: Our attorney states: “No. In these circumstances, laws are often amended, and we are working closely with city and state government to address their concerns so that we can formulate a plan to move forward together.”

Contact Us

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